Recently i had been to the movie DASAVATHARAM. after so mucha hype i taut t s gonna be another flop like kamal s big budget movies such as aalavandhan and hey ram.. but t was the ebst movie i have seen in years. hats off to kamal.. k anyways in tat movie there are scenes in which kamal comes as george bush.. and he talks in an american accent and there are subtitles in tamil below.. for ppl who don’t understnd tat accent.. there was a teenager sitting nxt to me.. must be some 16 or 17 yrs old. when the japanese character talks in japanese also there were subtitles in tamil.. the theatre was roaring with laughter for some timely comment on screen.. the boy nxt to me dint catch the humour in it.. he turned to his mom and asked “wats that they are putting in tamil?? i don understand” i  was a bit shocked.. all this while he was able to understand english.. but he doesn understand the words in tamil..

i don understand why we don take efforts to learn to read and write tamil.. even if we take tamil as seconf language ins chools we learn hindi privately outside as prathmic madhyama and so on.. there are 8 levels in tat.. but why s there no such special classes to encourage students to learn tamil.. it has become a fashion for students these days to say i dunno to read or write tamil.. ayyo tamil is lik “jangiri”. they mean the way the language s written.. i accept tat many don opt for tamil in schools coz it s difficult to score in their 10th and 12th examinations and their score goes down.. but they can take initiatives to learn t at home na?? they go special classes for japanese.. italian.. spanish .. wat not!! but jus cant learn their own mother tongue..

It is oly after our CM gave a order that there wil be tax exemption for those movies whose title is in atmil.. is this a way to enforce the language on us.. has any english movie been named in tamil or hindi.. then why we alone wanna keep following their language.. its not a shame talking in tamil and knowing tamil.. goto any state in india they talk oly in their mother tongue.. i had been to orissa and there in tat puri temple..  i asked nearly ten ppl at wat time the ticket counter wil open.. none them reply in one word of english.. all talk oly in oriya.. not even hindi.. including the police guards there.. then y we tamilians alone even when soemone asks us in tamil.. show off speaking in english.. only if we respect our language others wil.. atleast the upcoming generation must show an interest in learning this language.. else all the epics and literature of tamil.. have to be translated in english oly.. and the beauty of it wil be lost.. long live tamil.

P.S: i know those of you who read might think y am typing in english. and i cud have typed intamil since am talking so much for tamil.. tats wat we ppl have brought things to. coz i dunno how many ppl wil be able to read it if i had typed in tamil..:(:(


why is india so unclean??

we often hear this question from ppl who have jus returned from any foreign country. and yo must listen to them brag the way the U S of A is so clean and the ppl there r so sophisticated and all tat. and i have always wondered why our country can never be so clean how much ever measures our govt takes???!!! finally found the answer..

recently had been on a trip to singapore.. wow really an awesome island.. and how well they have developed the country from scratch. such a well planned country. i was admiring the way each and evry mall was built and how clean the roads were. traffic regulation.. no pollution.. a discipline in evrything. all this awe until i visited a place called ” little india”. tat was one time i was really ashamed being called an indian. tat place has been named so not oly coz of the number of indians living there was more.. but coz of the state it was maintained.. and yo know wat the locals say?? govt has tried imposing rules.. and evry other part in s’pore followed it.. except the indian population.. and tats y after a period of time.. the govt stopped bothering them coz thats there in their culture.. i don like to admit tat its in our blood to keep our place shabby. OMG it was typically t nagar.. all platform shops.. nowhere else was it like this.. ppl spitting all over the streets.. and there s a temple there.. and ppl  r even breaking coconuts on the road in s ‘pore. all of us know how strict the rules r and s’pore is called the “FINE CITY” coz of the fine we have to pay even for spitting or dropping junk on the roads.. and when i spoke to a an indian settled there . he is saying we r indians naah!! gotta leave an impression wherever we are.. i was shocked is this how we want the world to look at us?? shud india be used as a scale for its unclean ways.?? i saw ppl those who evr throwing their coffee cups in the trash in s’pore airport were jus throwing away plastic covers and bottles inside the airport randomly as soon as they reached india..wat big difference does it bring in tat four hours travel.. or is there some change as soon as they step into our border?? all this cleanliness shudn be imposed.. it shud be within us to keep our country neat and clean. wats the use of the govt imposing rules now and fine for spitting and throwing garbage on roads.. even for this our ppl wil come up with demonstration and strike claiming its a democratic country and its their basic right to throw garbage on roads and al this wil be made into politics.. finally the real reason for which the rule was brought wil be forgotten..

i really wish there ll come a day.. when ppl wil stop bragging about how clean the other countires are.. and come up with ways to keep our country clean and green.. and india wil no more be on top of the scale for uncleanliness..

thats me!!

hi ppl.. am akila a budding s/w engg who got fresh out of college this year to tackle the world and add my small share of deeds for its betterment. as it is am a person with no special talents or credits to my name.. one thing am good at is to talk 24*7. about anything and everything. am quite daring and love experimenting new stuff.A  computer sci student ..abt wat i must be knowing  alot i know very lil .. i mean my core subject.. but looking fwd to improve my skills..as of now am thinking of doing something worthwhile in my endless term of holidays.. tats it for now..

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